Clover Mini




What is Clover Mini 3?
❖ Clover Mini 3 is a compact countertop smart POS – now with
an 8” screen
❖ Clover Mini 3 is well-suited for a variety of verticals and
segments, including services, retail, and some restaurants
❖ Clover Mini 3 can be tethered only to another Clover Mini 3
(Mini 3 will not tether to prior generation Mini devices, nor any
Station devices)
❖ Clover Mini 3 supports EMV, NFC, and swipe payments
❖ Supports Wi-Fi, LAN, and LTE connection
❖ Includes a receipt printer, tactile volume controls, and a
headset port
❖ Clover Mini 3 will debut the new payment flow UI


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